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Extreme Accountability: Intro To Self Awareness!

Unlock Your Warrior Within! 

What you'll get:

  • The Keys To Mastering Extreme Accountability!
  • The Tools Needed to Have A Powerful Mindset!
  • The Secret To Unlocking Self Worth!

Know your True Potential, Find your Passion & Purpose, Become and be a Master Of Extreme Accountability! 




What People Are Saying:

Hello! My name is Lleimy! My passion and purpose is to help empower others in finding their own passion. What went very well for me was finding my why, the reason I am wanting more than what I’ve been accepting as good enough. Along with that, I learned what it takes to be consistent and been given the tools to do so. Michael has helped me see my potential I’ve been denying, and allowed me a safe space to fully be myself and not feel ashamed for the skills I’ve been lacking for so long. This experience has been the best and will continue to reach out to Michael.

Lleimy Galvan

Working with Michael has been an eye opening and an extremely value experience. I became a client at a time in my life I wanted, and personally needed, to become more than I was. The mentoring I've received has helped to unlocked much of my own hidden potential and has brought positive changes to all aspects of my life. Don't hesitate if you're on the fence; after a year of mentoring, I have no regrets of the time, energy, or funds spent dedicated to my own personal and business goals.

Joseph Reno

Michael is a colleague of mine as both a fellow coach and podcaster. I've gotten to work with Mike and can attest to his drive and commitment both to his own personal development and to his clients, and as someone who has helped him with marketing strategy, I can say that the thing I love most about him is he does not hesitate to take action and he does not overthink, two qualities that are absolutely paramount for success in business and as the mentor for his clients. Michael is easy to work with, he has a friendly demeanor, and helps people feel comfortable with working with him. He holds strong to his core values and is dedicated to adding value with his Accountability podcast that has new episodes 3 times per week and he has kept that cadence for the last year. The podcast is an excellent starting place but please reach out to Mike for more accountability as it is one thing to learn but another to take action and get results.

Simon Parsons

Michael is an incredible coach! I had the pleasure of working with him and the knowledge he has to offer is excellent! When you check his history, you can easily see all the wonderful and inspiring things he has accomplished! From his podcast to his content to his coaching, he brings an energy that is comforting and caring. He empowered me to choose and design my life, and with his accountability, I was able to shift my life towards a life I am starting to be proud of! Thank you, brother! Anyone would be truly lucky to work with Michael!

Kieran Genobaga

"This guy is outstanding. Motivated 24/7 and can turn a frown into a smile anyway. Services highly recommended!"

Melvin McCormick